Setup of UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center Established at Emmaus Center on March 15th.
We at the Emmaus Center have been discussing how best to gather and provide information and offer disaster support. On March 15, along with Emmaus Center Director Matsumoto, and Student Center Director Jeffrey, we arrived at the conclusion that Emmaus Center will be the focal point of this support. Based on this, along with District Moderator Takahashi who had returned from a meeting at Ou District, we agreed to establish the UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center, housed at the Emmaus Center.
We do not know how much we will be able to do, but supported by your prayers, we have decided to begin activities to stand with the people who have suffered.
We will continue to provide details.
We give thanks from the bottom of our hearts for remembering the disaster stricken areas and for your prayers.

– Etsuya Kataoka (Pastor, Wakamatsu Sakae-machi Church)