Started to accept relief funds (March 17)

[Official announcement] We have started to accept relief funds (March 17)
The Standing Committee approved acceptance of contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund
We are now officially collecting monetary donations to our relief fund. These funds will be used for the support of disaster victims.
Yucho Bank
– Branch: 818
– Regular account: 0962494
Name: 日本基督教団東北教区 (Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan Tohoku Kyoku)
If sending from the post office, the number is:
If sending from a Yucho Bank account through an ATM, there is no transfer fee. 
If sending cash at a teller window, there is a fee of 525 yen for sending under 30,000 yen and 735 yen for over 30,000 yen (for transmission in Japan).