Emmaus Activities Report in English

Two years has passed from the day of the disaster.
In the town of Shichigo, most of the rice fields are being prepared to start farming, as power shovels are seen everywhere and new soils are brought in. Vegetables are covering the farm lands that once were bare and full of stones. Some people have made their way back to their own houses from their temporary housings.
Although there are still many things to be done, I believe, recovery works is surely bearing the fruition, more or less.
It is our great honor to be a part of this circle of recovery.
Needless to say, our activity would not have been possible without the supports from many. For those who have supported us, we have composed a report book as a way to express our appreciation.
Please click the link to see the activity report.
Emmaus Activities Report in English
We truly appreciate your continued support.