volunteer needed

Emmaus is recruiting volunteers. The target place is Sasayashiki, Sendai city, a town currently going through its recovery from the damages by the tsunami. In the area, the residents are mostly farmers, and in order for them to reclaim what they used to call their “daily life,” the restoration of the farming lands is inevitable.

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

At Emmaus, our works usually consist of removing stones buried underground and grasses in the farming lands. Now, it has entered very busy season for farmers. Although we receive work-requests, we cannot make an action immediately due to the small numbers of volunteers. As a result, there are still requests on hold.
The work is not something that special skills are required; it is a work that everyone can do. If you have some time to join the volunteer works, please let us know.
Mamoru Kikuchi, a Sendai staff
Translated by Kenichi Tanaka