Our Reflections 2015

4 years since 3.11. In Sendai, it’s a mixture of snow and rain. Remembering that moment, my heart aches.
At Sendai, staff have composed together the message “Our Reflections 2015”. In drafting this message, our minds focused especially on the residents of “Sasayashiki Ishiba” whom we support regularly.
Let 3.11 be filled with many prayers.
Masashi Sato
Coordinator of Emmaus Sendai
Our Reflections 2015
4 years since that moment.
We recognized our mere existence.
But even then, we were greeted with kindness and received a lot of smiles.
4 years since that moment.
Numbering in the thousands like the stars,
Prayers were dedicated to this region from all over the world.
Many relationships were formed.
Many stories told.
In telling their stories, we feel their strength to overcome.
4 years since that moment.
Are you not tired?
Are you not trying too hard?
As each person follows his or her own pace,
We shall follow each step.
We long to continue supporting the chain of “Sasaeai”.
4 years since that moment.
From the land filled with debris,
A flower blooms here and there.
The flower that blooms in the land soaked in tears and struggles was
So magnificent, so magnificent,
It taught us the power to live.
We yearn to continue living in this land together.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
It was so good to have known all of you.