To Shichigahama with the Sendai YMCA

Today (28th) we went with the Sendai YMCA to Shichigahama in Miyagi Prefecture. The Sendai YMCA is working with the Social Welfare Council’s Disaster Volunteer Center, and we at Emmaus (Emao) Center participated today with hopes of broadening our own activities.

Our activities today involved visiting homes of disaster victims, and to deliver needed supplies from the volunteer center to those homes.

From these activities we were able to hear specific desires of the victims, their complaints, and what the victims are facing in their present living situations. At the end, we were able to deliver some supplies they desired, (food, clothing, other consumable supplies.)

We plan to continue as much as able in these activities. In addition, there are items that the Social Welfare Council does not have enough supplies to distribute equitably, (gas bombs etc), so we hope to help by providing some of what we have stored at the Emmaus Center.

 Masato Yamasaki(SCF派遣Volunteer)

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

(Preparing needed supplies)

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

(Delivering to homes)

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

(Supplies storage space at Shichigahama Volunteer Center)




JOCS Report of Medical Aid

Dr. Kenji Narato of JOCS Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service , one of the support organizations of our Center came to Japan on March 16th and has been involved in medical examinations and health and sanitation work in the shelters in Wakabayashi ward of Sendai.

On the 24th, he moved on to Miyako, Takada, Tajiri, and Tome to assess the medical needs there. Today (28th) he headed for Hanamaki with Dr. Otomo of Japan Medical Mission Kinugasa Hospital.
They plan to develop medical aid in Kamaishi, with Hanamaki Church as a supply station. We thank them for their valuable work.

Sato Takafumi (SCF Volunteer)
UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
Dr. Otomo on left, Dr. Narato on right

Tohoku Help’s Website has been set up(March 28)

Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network has set up a website, “Tohoku Help”.

As we have already reported, the ecumenical network, “Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network” (Tohoku Help) was established as a network organization to help promote quick and appropriate relief efforts on the part of each denomination and group.
The Tohoku Help website will exchange timely information for relief activities, and especially to collaborate on soliciting donations for damaged churches and individual victims in the coastal regions. Below is a copy of the message from the facilitator, Takashi Yoshida (Pastor, Japan Christian Reformed Church Sendai Church).

* * *
May there be Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ

The “ Sendai Christian Alliance” made up Catholic and Protestant churches in the Sendai area have established the “Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network, in order to provide support through the churches, to meet the needs of the people and communities suffering from the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

With the ecumenical cooperation of churches in the Tohoku region, we hope to build an information network, and provide a more effective support system. We also will solicit donations for the damaged churches and people who have suffered in the coastal regions.
Through our support activities which will most certainly continue for some time, we truly hope that a network of churches and groups both national and international, churches in the Tohoku, and network between churches and community will be born, and will accomplish true restoration.
March 24, 2011
Sendai Christian Alliance Representative Facilitator

Takashi Yoshida

Presbyterian Church of Korea Visit

On the 28th, with the guidance of Rev. Kim Byong Ho, Pastor of KCCJ Chofu Church in Tokyo, The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Korea Rev.Ahn, Hong Cheol, Dept. of Social Service Ministry and Rev.Choi, Sae Geon , Pastor of Sontanhanmaum Church visited the Tohoku District Disaster Relief Center. We received 200 solar powered lamps as relief supplies to the disaster areas and 1 million yen as donation.
Next, they plan to visit the Oh-u District Office as well as Ohfunato and Kamaishi.
We report with gratitude.
Sato Takafumi(SCF Volunteer)

$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

Message from Reverend Choi Sae Geon


すでに連絡したとおり、超教派のネットワーク「仙台キリスト教連合」は各教派・団体の救援体制をお互いより迅速・適切に展開していくためのネットワーク機関として「仙台キリスト教連合 被災支援ネットワーク」(愛称:東北ヘルプ)を立ち上げました。
* * * *
* * * *