Introducing Center Staff – Etsuya

Many people are coming to the Center to volunteer. Even though at times they feel despair when they see the tragic scene of the disaster, they want to do what they can to help.

On this blog, we thought we would like to introduce some of the staff to you. First, we will introduce Etsuya Kataoka, who supervises our external relations. $「東北教区被災者支援センター」の公式ブログ

Etsuya Kataoka is the pastor of a Wakamatsu Sakaemachi Church (Kyodan). He came quickly to Sendai to confirm safety of churches and to help organize and establish the Disaster Relief Center.


He has made time in his busy work as pastor in Aizu Fukushima, staying at the Center now to help with relief activities. Being from Kansai, he has his unique accent and personality that livens up our Center. However, he works too hard and at night you can see him exhausted from the day.

He lends his guidance not only at the volunteer sites but with this blog and other communication. We pray that he will continue provide his guidance.

Shinichiro Asayama






We sent a volunteer team to Ishinomaki!

We sent a volunteer team to Ishinomaki!

We sent a team to Ishinomaki, an area especially hard hit by the tsunami. The will stay at Ishinomaki Eiko Church, and help with relief efforts at the church, kindergarten as well as respond to requests the community.

4 students from Doshisha University School of Theology arrived and joined the Ishinomaki team. A total of 7 volunteers took supplies with them and headed off to relief work.

In Ishinomaki, the coastal residents and business districts had catastrophic damage. Supplies are scarce and life continues to be difficulty. Volunteer activity there is hard work.

We continue to ask for your support so that we can be of some help to the people in their pain.


(The Ishinomaki Team)

Etsuya Kataoka





We are grateful for the Van! We can use more!!

Update: We stopped accepting a van and relief goods. Thank you for your contribution!!

We are grateful for the Van! We can use more!!

Yesterday, on March 31, a lady who read our blog offered the use of a van! We have gotten other offers for which we are also grateful. It will help us in our work and we will use the vehicle with care.

With limited access to transportation vehicles are necessary for are relief work. If you know of someone who is able to contribute a van, please contact our Center.

Etsuya Kataoka

【速報】 ワゴン車の提供感謝!まだまだ募集中です!!


軽ワゴン車感謝! まだまだ募集中です!!


3rd Report – Letter from Tohoku Disaster Center

April 1, 2011

Third Report – Letter from UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

Kazuto Takahashi, Director, UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

Etsuya Kataoka,

Praise in God’s Name

Thank you for your prayers and support for the work of the Center.

Ever since we established our relief Center on March 15, many supplies have been sent to us, for which we are very grateful.

Now in Miyagi Prefecture, food and supplies are more available. For this reason we are temporarily stopping the receipt of supplies. We still have stocks of supplies available at the Center so if there is a need, please let us know and we can make a delivery to your church.

At present we are sending volunteers to help church members, and their families, friends. If you need help cleaning up your house, or help with shopping, please let us know.

– Our Center hours are 9am to 5 pm, weekends included.

– Please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

– Church members, friends, neighbors – anyone can call on us.

– This is our 3rd notice sent to churches in the Sendai city limits. As soon as we are able to access areas outside of Sendai, we plan to do so.

Please see the information on the blog, posted daily.

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Emao Center, Tohoku Disaster Relief Center

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