Delivering relief goods in Sendai (March 22)

We delivered relief supplies to several churches within Sendai.

The churches that we delivered supplies to day are the following churches:
– Sendai Itsutsubashi Church,
– Miyagino Aisen Church,
– Sendai Higashi Church.
We plan to continue to make rounds of other churches as well.
Sendai still has insufficient supplies of gasoline, so we are delivering supplies to churches by bicycle. We delivered the goods donated by many people, such as portable cassette cooking stoves and cassette bombs, vegetables, vacuum packed food, (disposable) pocket warmers.
Of the churches we visited today, at Sendai Higashi Church there are still some members taking shelter there and will take time to rebuild. And at each church, elderly members need help to clean up their home as well as help with tasks like fetching water.
Our plans include not only continuing with delivery of needed supplies but to coordinate with churches and church members to help with community volunteer efforts.
(Reported by Shinichiro Asayama)

1) The relief supplies that have arrived from many people.
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
2) Sorting through the goods. Checking on how many of what supplies to send.
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
3) The group departing by bicycle to deliver the relief supplies.

仙台市内への支援物資お届け1 (3月22日)



1. 多くの方々から届いた支援物資
2. 物資の発送作業中
3. 自転車の支援物資お届け隊の出発シーン

Delivery to Ishinomaki and Morioka (March 22)

Delivery to relief supplies to Ishinomaki and Morioka on March 22.

Each day many supplies are being sent from people from all regions of Japan.
We are grateful for all of your support.
Today we delivered relief supplies to churches in regions that suffered severe damage due to the tsunami – in Ishinomaki and Morioka.
Reverend Takada (Pastor of Sendai Kawadaira Church) and Mr. Matsumoto (Acting Director of Emmaus Center) headed to Ishinomaki.
In Ishinomaki, the scars left from the tsunami are deep, and we hear that water lines are still out. Gas and kerosene are still of short supply, and people are happy to receive any supplies if delivered. Next they will need volunteers to help carry water and to clean up houses that were flooded by water.
Reverend Konishi of Sendai Kita Church headed to Ou District.
In Ou District, houses in Miyako and Kamaishi (towns) were devastated, and the church kindergarden is full of rubble that flowed in and is in disastrous condition. We still do not have information on what kinds of supplies each church in Ou Kyoku is in need of, but we predict that much support will be needed.
(Reported by Shinichiro Asayama)

1) Rev. Konishi and others heading for Morioka

2) Rev. Takada and Director Matsumoto heading to Ishinomaki




1. 盛岡に向かう小西牧師ら一行

2. 石巻に向かう高田牧師と松本館長代行

Letter to churches in Tohoku District (March 22)

Tohoku Disaster Relief Center – Announcement and Request
Letter Addressed to churches in Tohoku District

From Moderator Takahashi and Reverend Kataoka

Summary in English:
To all who have suffered from the earthquake and are in deep sorrow, we send our sympathy and pray for God’s support and comfort. We at the Tohoku District have established a Disaster Relief Center at “Emmaus Center” and have begun relief activities. At the moment we are delivering relief supplies to churches and through churches to the communities.
We are currently accepting donations of necessary supplies. However, the goods that are most needed may change. We may need to decline some donations, so please contact the Relief Center to confirm. We are also not able to go to receive donations and so we ask your cooperation to bring or send the goods.
(Shinichi Watanabe)





東北教区総会議長 高橋和人

宣教部委員長 片岡謁也







[Important]Sending Relief Supplies to the Center

【Important】Sending Relief Supplies to the Center (March 21)

We are now able to receive packages of supplies via the delivery service, Kuroneko Yamato
Until now we have asked for packages to be sent to Niigata Church but now are able to receive directly. (only through the above delivery service).
Address of our Center
Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan, Tohoku Kyoku Center (Emao)
1-13-6 Nishikicho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi-ken
For information on how to fill out the form for Kuroneko see the following (in Japanese)
When sending goods, please first contact us at the Center and confirm what you are sending.
Please sort the supplies according to the content.
Indicate the contents and the quantity on the package/box/
Please do not send anything without contacting the Center.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
What we still need:

– Cassette bombs for cooking
– Medicines (medicine for children, disinfectant, medicine for headaches, stomach and intestinal problems, cold remedies, allergies)
– Pocket warmers
– Vacuum packed Foods
– Vegetables that keep well (root vegetables)
– Underwear and socks
– Mouth wash

We will continue to update the information on what supplies are needed as well as what we cannot accept. For example, we had been asking for delivery of cassette cooking stoves, but have now reached our targeted 100 stoves, so for now we have stopped our request for these. We were surprised at the quick response to our request and are grateful for your support. We apologize for those who had already intended to send stoves. However, things may change and we may need them in the future, so please hold on to them for later or send them to another place that could use them right away.
(Shinichi Watanabe)