Call for overnight volunteers from March 29

[Important] – We will begin to accommodate volunteers from other prefectures overnight from the 29th.
Please be aware of the following points concerning volunteering.
– As of March 25, many places here are still without gas, so
there is no bath available.
– Please enroll in volunteer insurance before coming.
Please join the Disaster Plan offered by The Social Welfare Council for 670 yen(for details in Japanese: click here)
For those staying more than one week, our Center will pay the costs. For those staying for a short period, the cost is your responsibility. (There is danger of injury from aftershocks and the volunteer work itself. The Center cannot take responsibility for those without insurance and are in any accident or injury. Those who wish to volunteer are asked to take full responsibility.)
– It is still very cold in these areas, and with restricted supplies of fuel, we are not able to use heating. Please come prepared for the cold.
– In principle,
We do not provide bedding or meals. Please prepare to bring what you need.
Please provide you own transportation to the Center. If you are coming by car, please make sure you have enough gas for the round trip, by confirming where along the way you will be able to fill up and carry a container with you. In principle the Center is not able to provide gasoline.
– The Center does have laundry machine and use of toilet facilities.
– For transportation within the area, it would be beneficial to have a driver’s license.(However it is not a requirement.)

[Please bring with you]
Bedding, Health Insurance documents, your own food and drink, work gloves, work boots are things you must bring.

[Conditions for coming]
1. To take full responsibility, and to take care of your own valuables and possessions.
2. To stay for over three nights and four days.
3. To observe the judgments and decisions of the Center.

For those individuals and groups who agree with the above conditions, please inquire by FAX or e-mail to the Center. Indicate the following in writing: Name of group (individual), number of participants, dates of stay, contact information. We will review your application and get back to you.
FAX 022-222-0993

We expect that we may be getting many requests. Based on limits in our capacity, other reservations, and number of staff, we may need to turn down some requests. We ask for your understanding in case we are not able to accommodate your group.
reported by Shinichi Watanabe




Visit to Shichigo Elementary School (March 24)

Report of visit to Shichigo Elementary school on March 24.
Today we went to Shichigo Elementary School (in Wakabayashi, Sendai) where 1,100 people are sheltered. We went to see what supplies they need and how we may be able to support them. We visited a doctor from JOCS and then talked to some of the teachers and the principle.
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
↑Laughter seen at the restrooms
We were able to talk to some members of a citizens group, involved in providing hot food at the school playground. We were able to see how people are encouraging each other and helping each other in this severe situation.
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
↑Encouraging each other at the tent set up by a citizen’s group
At the school, we could see the scars left by the tsunami, and the Self Defense Force was there to find out information about missing people.
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
↑The scene stretching before us
Witnessing the extreme hardship, seeing people helping each other, sharing their pain and suffering. It was a day that we felt many emotions.
Reported by Taku Noda (SCF Volunteer)

Delivered Goods to Morioka (March 24)

We delivered relief supplies to Morioka by a 2-ton truck.
We have received supplies from all over Japan, as well as from Korea and Taiwan. We are grateful for your support.
Today, (the 24th) we loaded large quantities of relief supplies onto a 2-ton truck and sent it to Oh-u Christian Center in Morioka.
Vegetables, vacuum packed foods, cup noodles, instant food, toilet paper, portable stoves, cassette bombs for cooking, medicine, sanitary supplies, clothing, hand warmers, seasonings for cooking, paper diapers, powdered milk were loaded to fill the truck and delivered to Morioka.
These supplies sent to the Oh-u District are to be used in areas where the damage was greatest along the coastal regions of Iwate Prefecture. We ask for your prayers and support for those stricken areas where supplies are limited.
reported by Takafumi Sato (SCF Volunteer)

1) A scene from loading up the truck

2) Loading supplies
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
3) covering with a plastic sheet
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
4) tying up with a rope and then off to Morioka
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
* note, for details on sending supplies, please refer to
【Important】 Location to send relief supplies changed to Oh-u District Office (Morioka) (March 24)




1. 物資積み込み風景

2. 物資を積み込み
3. ビニールシートをかぶせる
4. ロープで縛る。そして盛岡へ出発

仙台市内への支援物資お届け 3 (3月24日)


1. バイクトレーラー組み立て
2. バイクトレーラー完成
3. 物資を届けに出発
4. 宮城野愛泉教会にて


Delivering relief goods in Sendai (March 24)

We delivered relief goods to Sendai churches by bike trailer

Today we delivered goods to the following churches:
○Sendai Itsutsubashi Church
○Miyagino Aisen Church
○Sendai Nagamachi Church
○Sendai Higashi Ichibancho Church

At Miyagino Aisen Church, the over 50 people who were sheltered at the church have now returned home.
We still are experiencing lack of gasoline and so we are delivering goods by bicycle.
This morning we received 18 bike trailers from YFJ. Now we can deliver more goods at one time. Next week we expect electric bicycles to be delivered from Taiwan. We are very grateful.

1) putting together the bike trailers
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
2) bike trailers are ready for use
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
3) taking off to deliver goods
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
4) At Miyagino Aisen Church
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center