Thank you for sending relief supplies (March 18)

[Official Announcement] Thank you for sending relief supplies – Report #1
March 18th, 2011
UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
Reverend Takahashi (Director of Tohoku District)
Reverend Kataoka (Chair of Mission Committee)
We thank all those who are sending relief supplies to our center. Churches can come to the center to pick up, and if that is difficult we will deliver goods to churches for distribution. We apologize in advance if we are not able to provide what you request, as supplies are limited. We will do our best to find out from you what you need.
Our general rule is that we will distribute through churches.

  • Our Center hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. Weekends included.
  • Please contact us in advance.
  • Please refer to our website for details of what supplies we have on hand.
    Postal Code: 980-0012
    1-13-6 Nishikicho, Aobaku, Sendai
    Emao Center – UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center


UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
東北教区総会議長 被災者支援センター長  高橋 和人
東北教区宣教部委員長  片岡 謁也
〒980-0012 仙台市青葉区錦町Ⅰ-13-6 エマオ内

Meeting of the Christian Churches in Sendai

“The Association of Christian Churches in Sendai” made up of a variety of Protestant denominations gathered at the Emmaus Center to share information about the damages to churches, and to plan ahead to cooperate in sharing information and supporting one another.

Nozomu Konishi


すでに各教派・団体とも救援体制を整え、被災現地に入っているグループも複数あります。今後これら諸活動はそれぞれの方針とやり方で展開されますが、お互いより迅速・適切に展開していくためのネットワーク機関として「仙台キリスト教連合 被災支援ネットワーク」(愛称:東北ヘルプ)を立ち上げることを決定しました。


Scenes from Arahama Beach (March 22)

Two of our young members (Shin-ichi Watanabe and Sin-ichiro Asayama) entered the coastal area which was most hardly hit near to the city of Sendai.
The area east of route 6 is closed to car traffic. In this area all houses and buildings have been destroyed. What we saw were heaps of debree. There were houses turned upside down, roves of temples, road signs and telephone poles washed away by the tsunami. Firemen were walking the area looking for dead bodies. The area hit by the tsunami is so vast! It is next to impossible for volunteers to do anything there.
It is hard to believe that such destruction has happened only 10 to 20 miles from the city center of Sendai. Even though we belong to the same city of Sendai, on one side of the road the houses are leveled, while on the other the houses are intact.

  1. In the mountains of dibree we found daily accessories, cars, beds and all sorts of familiar things.
  2. A car destroyed by the tsunami
  3. A rare building that was not taken away by the tsunami.
  4. Inside the building. Most everything in the surrounding area was leveled.




1. 津波で破壊された家屋の残骸がガレキの山となっていた。日用品、車、ベッド、あらゆるものがごちゃ混ぜにされていた。

2. 津波でボディーが大きく損傷した自動車

3. 津波に流されず残った数少ない施設。

4. 津波に流されず残った施設(上記)の内部。周囲の建物はほとんど流され、さら地となってしまっていた。