Volunteer Insurance

We are grateful for the volunteers from all over Japan and overseas that are coming to the Center.

We require all volunteers to be covered by volunteer insurance. Prior to coming, please join the Volunteer Insurance Plan A (Disaster Type) at your local Social Welfare Council. It is an annual fee of 670 yen. For details, see our Japanese website .

Although it is possible to enroll in the volunteer insurance in Sendai, but it takes a day for the coverage to begin, so you would lose one day of volunteer activity, and the local offices have their hands full. We recommend that you get covered before coming. The coverage lasts from the day of enrollment until March 31st of the next year.

*There is some risk of injury from aftershocks and volunteer activity. The Center cannot take responsibility for accidents or injury. Those who wish to volunteer are responsible for themselves.

*Those who have applied in the past, please make sure you have reapplied for this year, as the fiscal year begins on April 1.

A day at Emmaus Center

A day at Emmaus Center

3 weeks have passed since the earthquake and the Center has many people and goods coming and going. Today we share with you a day from the center. Due to rainy weather today, (the 31st ) outdoor volunteer work was cancelled. We had volunteers cleaning the center and organizing thing inside. Sorting and organizing the many goods sent from all over Japan is important work.


(Sorting and counting the supplies)

There are other volunteers that help by cooking meals for the volunteers . This work is also valuable work for which we are thankful.


(Making meals for many people is a big job)

Communication and recording of activities on the blog is also important work. These volunteers would like to go out to the disaster sites to help, but stay behind at the computer to aid in communication.


(There are 5 computers set up on the table)

Volunteers gather at 8:30 in the morning and the go to their various work sites. At 4 pm they return to the Center, and a volunteer meeting is held. At the meeting, each group reports on the day’s activities and to share what they felt. Taking time to hear each person’s thoughts and feelings is an important part of the Center’s activities.


(Volunteers gather around the table to talk and share)

The situation at the disaster sites change every day and moment. New groups arrive at the Center and groups completing their service leave. Phone calls come in with information on supplies that will be sent, or for offers to send volunteers. All this information is posted on the white board.


(The multitude of messages posted on the board)

The Center is now focusing on volunteer work in Ishinomaki and Wakabayashi ward of Sendai. Many hands are needed in the work of digging out mud and rubble, and to clean up houses. We ask for the cooperation of many people.

Shinichioro Asayama





【ご注意】以下の記事には、古い情報が含まれている場合があります。お手数ですが、最新の記事: 【重要】ボランティア保険加入のお願い(4月11日)をご確認下さい。



◎仙台でのボランティア保険に加入も可能です。ただし、その場合、保険の補償期間が加入日の翌日からとなり、加入日当日はボランティア活動はできません。平日午後5時以降に到着した場合や日曜日に到着した場合は、加入手続きは翌日、ボランティア活動は翌々日からとなります。(※ 被災地域のボランティアセンターや社会福祉協議会の仕事と財政負担を増やすことにもなりますので、可能な限りお住まいの地域での保険加入をお願いいたします。




Impressions of Volunteering in Sendai

Impressions of Volunteering in Wakabayashi Sendai (March 30)

Removing things from the mud and cleaning up is simple but heavy labor. A mother found a video tape from a box that was covered with mud and muttered "I wonder if this is still good".

The tsunami took away many things. People lost many things.

With our work, things will obviously be cleaned up. We may feel a sense of accomplishment. But I fear that with our work we may be throwing away their important memories.

Naho Sugano (UCCJ Nishi Tokyo District, Hinodai Church)


思い出を捨てているようで……(仙台市・若林区 3月30日)




SCF派遣ボランティア 菅野菜穂(すがの・なほ/日野台教会)


Beginning volunteer work in Wakabayashi Sendai

Beginning volunteer work in Wakabayashi Sendai(March 30)
Many volunteers from all over the country are now gathering at the Disaster Relief Center as we our accommodation of out of town volunteers is in full swing. In addition, Sendai students who had evacuated or returned home are starting to come back to the Center.
Yesterday (29th) we started our volunteer work in Ishinomaki, and today (30th) we started volunteer activities in Wakabayashi ward in Sendai.
Our work site is a 30-minute bicycle ride from the Center. Today’s work involved carrying out mud and personal belongings from houses damaged by the tsunami.
Even areas as far as 2 kilometers from the coast were struck by a 1 meter tsunami, and even after the water has receded, there remains about 20 centimeters of mud.
This work was done by 3 students from the Sendai Student Center, 5 members of a team from Tokyo (a combined group from Student Christian Fellowship and UCCJ Nishi Tokyo Church) and one student from Doshisha University, and from the afternoon, 5 young people from Waseda Hoshien Yuai Gakusha and Waseda University YMCA joined in, making a total of 14 members working.
It was considerably difficult work, which led us to realize the magnitude of the tsunami damage.
Work in the community is still not being done by the Ward Volunteer Center, and those who suffered (many are elderly) and are staying emergency shelters, are “commuting” to their homes to remove mud and organize their possessions.
“We need as many hands as possible. Please keep coming”, is what they said.
It is difficult, dirty and dangerous work, but please consider coming to labor with us to help support those who have suffered from this disaster. We welcome you to volunteer with us.
Takafumi Sato(SCFVolunteer)

$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
(Loading supplies and departing from the Center)