Report from visit and attending worship services

Report from visit and attending worship services at Tajiri and Tome ChurchesMarch 27

Third Sunday of Lent, Attending worship service at Tajiri Church and Tome Church in northern Miyagi Prefecture.

With Dr. Narato of JOCSJapan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Serviceand Yoshihiko Watanabe of Sendai JOCS, I visited the northern part of the prefecture to find out the medical situation there.
Tajiri Church had just built a new church and parsonage. Rev. Kokubo Tatshunosuke said that if it were the old church and parsonage, they would certainly lost their lives.

Tome Church worship service is from 2 pm. The Miura family worships with the pastor.

Mr.Miura is an elementary school teacher at Minami Sanriku-cho. After the earthquake, he spent two nights with the children at the school. At night, they slept on the floor of the school, spending the night by covering each child with newspaper. Since then, he has been busy with follow up and so on Sunday he was depleted of energy and in bed.

Afterwards, we stopped by Ishinomaki Eiko Church and heard how the tsunami came very close to the doors of he church and parsonage.

That day, the Bible verse read at Tajijri Church was I Peter 4:7

The end of all things is near. You must be self-controlled and alert, to be able to pray.
Pastor Kokubo said that as Christians, we endeavor to listen to God only, to open our eyes, and that it is important to be always ready to respond to God’s call. It was a day in which I was reminded that I want to be ready with faith that God’s call is here with the people in their pain and needs.
Jeffrey Mensendiek
Sendai Student Center, Director

UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
Photo taken at Tajiri Church

We are receiving supplies – Report #2 (March 26)

[Official Announcement] We are receiving supplies – Report #2
UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
Tohoku District Moderator, Disaster Relief Center Director, Kazuhito Takahashi
Tohoku District Mission Committee Chari, Etsuya Kataoka
We give praise in God’s name.
We thank you for your prayers and support for the work of our Center.
Ever since the establishment of the UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center on March 15, we have received supplies sent from churches throughout the country. We are grateful.
We are now concentrating our efforts in delivery of these goods to Ishinomaki and areas where the damage was most severe. However, there are raw vegetables that need to be used soon. So, if there are members of your church who have difficulty going shopping for food, we would like to share these items as soon as possible. Please let us know if there is a need. We will deliver to your church. (There is a limit to the supplies and we ask for your understanding should we not be able to provide what you request.)
Open from 9 am to 5pm, Weekends included.
Please contact us first (Let us know what you need and the quantity you wish to have.)
– This is the second notice we are sending to Sendai area churches.
– Please share with your church members and acquaintances.
The Center activities are being reported in the following blog:
1-13-6 Nishikicho, Aoba-ku, Sendai
Emao nai, Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
Telephone: 022-222-0990

【公式発表】支援物資届いています 第2報(3月26日)

支援物資届いています 第2報
UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
東北教区議長 被災者支援センター長 高橋和人
東北教区宣教部委員長 片岡謁也
〒980-0012 仙台市青葉区錦町1-13-6 エマオ内
東北教区被災者支援センター 電話 022-222-0990






東北教区センターエマオ 水道可 電気可 ガス不可

宮城県       福島県       山形県

■宮城北地区     ■福島地区     山形北地区

○石巻山城町教会  飯坂教会     鶴岡教会

○石巻栄光教会   福島教会     荘内教会

○陸前古川教会   福島伊達教会   酒田教会

○涌谷教会     信夫教会     酒田暁星教会

○田尻教会     福島新町教会   新庄教会

○登米教会     川俣教会     新庄本町教会

○鳴子教会     福島荒井教会   新庄新生教会

○気仙沼集会    保原教会   

○塩釜東教会    ○大平伝道所    山形南地区

○いずみ愛泉教会            天童教会

○泉高森教会    いわき・郡山地区 山形本町教会

○仙台松稜教会   白河教会     山形六日町教会

○仙台北教会    郡山教会     米沢教会

○仙台川平教会   安積教会     上山教会
三春教会     宮内教会

■宮城中地区    鏡石伝道所    寒河江伝道所

○仙台ホサナ教会  郡山細沼教会   東根伝道所

○仙台東六番丁教会 須賀川教会    山辺伝道所

○仙台東教会    本宮教会

○仙台青葉荘教会  ○二本松教会

○仙台北三番丁教会 矢吹教会

○仙台愛泉教会   川谷教会

○西仙台教会    ○石川伝道所

○仙台市民教会   ○小名浜伝道所

○宮城野愛泉教会  磐城教会

■相双・宮城南地区 ○勿来教会


○仙台五橋教会   会津地区

○仙台長町教会   会津若松教会

○仙台広瀬河畔教会 若松栄町教会

○仙台南伝道所   川桁伝道所

○白石教会     猪苗代教会

○角田教会     喜多方教会

○岩沼教会     会津高田教会

○大河原教会    会津坂下教会

○名取教会     会津本郷教会

○中村教会     山都教会

○原町教会     会津田島教会

○小高伝道所    ○只見伝道所





ボランティア 上野幸奈(うえの・ゆきな)


Delivery relief goods to Shichigahama (March 25)

We visited Shichigahama to deliver relief supplies.
On Friday, March 25 we borrowed the car of Sendai Kita Church and delivered supplies to Shichigahama. (Under the guidance of Shigeo Aburatani(Sendai Kita church), Taku Noda (SCF) and Takafumi Sato (Nishi Tokyo District Higashimurayama Church) went to the area.)
On the way to Shichigahama, we passed Tagajo. All along the road there were many cars turned over, which was a testament to the enormity of this disaster.

When we came to the town of Shichigahama, we were shocked to see the ravage and flooded areas caused by the tsunami.

$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
$UCCJ Tohoku Disaster Relief Center
We asked a fisherman in Shichigahama what they need, and delivered vegetables, diapers, powdered milk and other supplies for babies, snacks for children, underwear, vacuum packed food, instant food, toilet paper and mouth wash.
This fisherman’s cooperative facilities were swept away so he opened up his personal workplace and storage area for relief efforts and has been involved in distribution of supplies. His own ships were swept away by the tsunami and have not been found. We were touched by this man who himself suffered from this disaster but still was committing himself to support the community.
The Shichigahama Volunteer Center now has huge quantities of relief supplies but are not able to distribute them to the places in need. We ask for your prayers and support in the effort to distribute the supplies to the places with greatest need.
reported by Takafumi Sato (SCF Volunteer)